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Autofob, LLC
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Fax (800) 980-6713
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Some things you need to know before you order a remote.

Before ordering a remote transmitter from Autofob, LLC, here are some things you should know to ensure you receive the right remote. Autofob will do everything within its power to provide the remote you request - provided it is available.

Sometimes the remotes you see pictured in the online catalog are for identification purposes only. There are many discontinued remotes. Several of them have replacement models available - many do not. We use different methods to identify which remote transmitter will work properly with your receiver. Sometimes we rely solely on the FCC ID, other times we depend on specific alarm model information.

If available, we will supply the programming instructions with the remote or key fob. In the description of the item, we will inform you who will be able to program the remote to your alarm system. If an item does not state remote programming by customer, we will not provide technical support or programming instructions. Alarm shops, locksmiths have the tools necessary for programming those remote transmitters.

We do sell new alarm systems, remote starters and keyless entry systems. If the manufacturer includes them in the packaging, we will provide installation-wiring diagrams. Unfortunately, we do not provide technical support for anything other than remote transmitter programming.

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Please review our warranty information.


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Replacement Remotes

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Apache, AMX, DEI Replacements Remotes: Alpine, Astostart, Astroflex, Audiovox,  Automate, Autopage, Autostart, AutocommandAvital, Black Eagle, Black Widow, Bulldog, Carbine, Chapman, Checkmate, Clifford , Commander, Code Alarm, Crimeguard, Crimestopper, Delta, Designtech, Equalizer, Excalibur, Exclusive, Executive, ezsdei Federal, Freedom, Hawk, Hornet, Interceptor, K9, Karr, Keymaster, Magnadyne, Megatronix, Merlin, Micro, Mirage, Omega, Patriot, Prestige, Prime, Pro Guard, Failsafe, Pursuit, Python, Sidewinder, Shark, Sherwood, Steal Stopper, Hornet, Rampage, Rattler, Titan, TDS, Ultra, Ungo, USA, Vesco, Viper VPS, Whistler , Wasp Your Valet, Alarm, keyless, Pagers, pager, tracking. Also Factory OEM replacement remotes for Acura, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, GM, GMC,  Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Prizm, Saturn, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volvo.

All prices are subject to change. Replacement remotes may be different than the original design. In rare instances items showed in our website may be no longer made or available. Any item showing a zero price means that it has being discontinued or is no longer available.

Make no mistake, we carry the largest selection of remote controls / transmitter for car alarms, keyless entry, remote starters in the country which come with a 1 year warranty, no one else has the customer service or warranty we offer our customers. We stock brands like: Apache, AMX, DEI Replacements Remotes: Viper, Hornet, Python, Sidewinder, Clifford , Avital, Alpine, Astostart, Astroflex, Audiovox,  Avital, Automate, Autopage, Autostart, AutocommandBlack Eagle, Black Widow, Bulldog, Carbine, Checkmate, Crimeguard, Crimestopper, Codealarm, Commander, code alarm, Chapman, Delta, Designtech, Excalibur, Exclusive, Executive, Hawk, Interceptor, Karr, Keymaster, K9, Federal, Freedom, Lojack,  Magnadyne, Megatronix, Micro, Mirage, Omega, Patriot, Prestige, Prime, Pursuit, Automate, ezsdei, ezsde1, Your Valet, Equalizer, Pro Guard, Failsafe, Shark, Sherwood, Steal Stopper, Merlin, Hornet, Rampage, Rattler, Titan, TDS, Viper Ultra, Ungo, USA, Vesco, VPS, Whistler , Wasp Alarm, keyless, Pagers, pager, tracking. Also Factory OEM replacement remotes for Acura, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, GM, GMC,  Honda, Hyundai, Oldsmobile, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki Pontiac, Prizm, Saturn, Suzuki, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo.

Just email us or Call to place your order today. If we dont list what you want on our site, Go ahead and give us a call. We will try to locate your item.

 99% of our remotes come with easy programming instructions.

We Offer FREE technical support to all customers that purchase a remote from our site! 

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